Creative Estate Planning that will Motivate Your Heirs

If it is important to you that your children or grandchildren have the financial ability to attend college, we can help you create an estate plan that will motivate them to obtain their degree. There is a lot of flexibility in estate planning and with the right strategy in place, we can help ensure that your goals for your family are met.

When it comes to planning for a beneficiary’s inheritance, your estate plan can set forth that a certain amount of money will be set aside for each child, grandchild or other loved one that attends college. In fact, you can restrict the beneficiary’s ability to receive the money upon whether or not he or she attends a higher education institution.

For instance, your estate plan can provide that every year of college or vocational school that is completed, your beneficiary could be a set amount of money. Another option is to set a lump sum payment to be made upon your heir’s graduation from a university. Further, you could set an additional amount or “bonus” that will be paid if a beneficiary obtains a graduate degree such as masters, law degree, medical degree or other similar form of advanced education.

Many people set a specific age they want their heir to reach before inheriting his or her money, but this doesn’t ensure that they will use it to pursue their education. We often create education trusts for grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, which not only reward completion of a degree, but provide funds for education in a way that provides minimum requirements, to avoid wasting funds on someone who doesn’t finish classes or who is not fully engaged. Additionally, if you have other goals in mind that you would like to use your estate plan to motivate your loved ones to accomplish, we can help. Contact us today to get started!

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