Estate Planning & How to Leave Your “Story”

Most people think about estate planning as a way to distribute their assets, but it can be much more. It is also a way for you to pass on the “story” of your life and the meaning behind your possessions. Everything you own has a history behind it and it is important for your loved ones to know that history.

If you are a “collector,” it is likely that whatever items you collect each have stories. Whether it is pieces of art, classic cars, or figurines, every item means something to you. Was it something you bought while traveling? Does it remind you of a certain time in your life? These stories are worth passing on to your loved ones. All it takes is a little time and effort.

The easiest way to pass your stories to future generations is to not only tell them to your family members, but also to write them down. You can write a detailed letter to be kept with your estate planning documents. You can also take advantage of technology and create an audio CD or video for your loved ones. Additionally, there are certain websites created to guide you in taking inventory of your assets and leave notes or stories regarding each of them.

If your family members understand the sentimental value of your possessions, they will be much more valuable to them. Providing the history and meaning behind your assets gives your family and friends something they can truly treasure.

If you are interested in creating or updating an estate plan, we can help you not only ensure that your loved ones are protected, but that they understand the sentiment behind your possessions as well.

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