Handling Unoccupied Property in an Estate

If you are tasked with handling the estate of a deceased individual or administering a trust, it is important to properly handle any property that is sitting unoccupied. While a house that is in good condition is likely to sell quicker, it is important to check the insurance coverage on the property before any work is done or improvements are made to it. You should also inform the insurer of the work or renovations that are planned before anything is done. Most insurance policies that cover unoccupied properties are set up with strict requirements and any deviation from the terms of the policy can put the coverage in jeopardy.

When work is being done on a house, it presents numerous risks. Not only can construction cause damage to the structure (which is often excluded from coverage), but it also increases the likelihood of vandalism and theft while the work is in progress.

Insurance companies write their policies with terms, exclusions and restrictions that can lead to coverage being completely invalidated if work commences without prior notification to the insurer. This can include even minor repairs and redecorating, so it is essential to carefully review the policy (or have your attorney review it) and confer with the insurer to verify that your renovations remain covered by insurance.

Handling an estate can be difficult. It is important to avoid putting any assets into jeopardy, so having a conversation with the insurer of the property before any work commences on it is essential. Insurance policies can be very confusing, so seeking legal counsel should be something you consider in understanding and obtaining the right insurance. If you need assistance properly managing the estate of a deceased loved one or you have questions regarding how to appropriately administer a trust, we can help.

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