Is Your Estate Plan Complete?

If you have an estate plan, you may be wondering if it is complete and comprehensive. This is especially true if your plan was created several years ago and your life circumstances have changed. Below is a checklist of questions you should consider regarding your current estate plan:

  • Do you have a Will and/or Trust, Healthcare Proxy and Power of Attorney?
  • Are the individuals or entities named as your executor, successor trustee, power of attorney or healthcare agent still the persons you want to serve in these roles?
  • Have you relocated since your estate planning documents were drafted? If so, do your documents still comply with the applicable law where you live?
  • Are you transferring any personal property to a person under the age of 18 years?
  • Are the beneficiaries you are giving your assets to capable of properly handling the bequests or new wealth?
  • Are there any specific gifts to certain individuals that you want to make?
  • Are any of your assets held in joint accounts or where you have a designated beneficiary? If so, do your estate planning documents match your designations?
  • Is your property being distributed to your beneficiaries outright or in trust?
  • Do any of your beneficiaries have special needs that should be considered?
  • Will your estate plan provide you with tax advantages?
  • Have you notified your loved ones of where your estate planning documents are located?
  • Have you left information regarding how to access your digital assets?

The above list is not exhaustive, but it provides you with a good start in determining where your estate plan stands. If you need assistance understanding the consequences of your plan as it is currently drafted or whether it should be updated, we can help. If you are like most people (and most of our clients), you understood your documents when they were signed, but they can be complex and you may not be clear now. A review with a good estate planning attorney can give you great peace of mind, or help you spot changes you may want to consider.

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