Is Probate Ever a Good Thing?

When it comes to probate, you typically are advised to avoid it if at all possible. This is true as a general rule because the probate process can be time-consuming, expensive and it opens your private matters up to the public. However, there are certain situations when it may be beneficial to allow some of your estate to go through probate.

If the estate has a large number of creditors, a probate may be helpful. When a probate case is filed, creditors are then given notice of the filing for probate and a deadline for asserting their claims against the estate. Thus, if the deceased owed large sums of money at the time of his or her death, it can be beneficial to have a time limit for creditors to file their claims. If a creditor fails to properly assert a claim, it can be barred from asserting its rights to collect the debt at a later date.

In comparison, if you have placed your assets into a trust to avoid the probate procedure, creditors are not limited by the probate law and the deadlines provided therein. However, in Utah there is a method provided for Trusts to do a similar procedure to limit claims against the decedent’s trust. With proper planning, it is possible to take advantage of a trust while also using the probate process for protection. This strategy requires advance planning and the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney. Once the creditor’s notices are finished, your estate should be secure. Your family has the comfort of knowing that the remaining property held is protected from future claims of your creditors.

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