The Cost of Defending a Will Contest

When you are appointed to administer a loved one’s estate, you may be required to defend an attack on the validity of the Will or Trust. If a beneficiary files an objection, you should contact us immediately for assistance. It is normal to be concerned with what it will cost to defend such an action, but having us on your side will actually help with reducing the overall expenses while also safeguarding the best interests of the estate and its beneficiaries. In fact, we have discovered that in many cases, getting the attorneys involved can lead to quicker negotiations and settlements outside of the courtroom. Understanding your legal rights and options is critical to acting under these circumstances. Often the administrator must remain a neutral party and the beneficiary’s have to conduct the litigation or contest.

Every case is unique, so there is no exact way to calculate how much it will cost to defend a will contest. Below are several of the factors that will affect the overall cost of defending a will contest:

  • The size and overall value of the estate involved
  • Whether the objection to the Will or Trust document is valid
  • Any factors that complicate resolving the objection
  • The amount of time your attorney spends negotiating and/or litigating the matter
  • The knowledge and expertise and attitudes of the contesting parties and their counsel
  • Additional expenses including the cost of retaining expert witnesses

Let us review the case and the objection being lodged against the Will or Trust. We can provide you with an estimate of what we anticipate it will cost to defend the action. As experienced estate planning and probate litigation attorneys, we can help you protect the assets of the estate, save the estate money by keeping costs under control, and ensuring that you do not incur any personal liability.

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