What does a Utah Probate Cost?

If you are handling the estate of a loved one, you are probably wondering how much a probate action will cost. No two cases are identical, so there is no easy answer to this question, but below is some general guidance:

Attorney’s fees

You will need to ask your probate attorney if they charge an hourly rate, a set fee, or a combination of both types of fees. The attorneys at the Astill Law Firm try to fully inform you upfront what our fees will be so you know what your budget will be. You should never retain a lawyer without understanding how you will be billed.

Paying an attorney out of the estate

In Utah, a lawyer is not permitted to charge a percentage fee based on the assets of the estate. However, the personal representative is allowed to use estate funds to pay the lawyer’s fees.

Additional expenses

Some of the other costs related to a probate action include a court filing fee which must be paid to the court clerk at the time the probate is filed. If disputes arise within the probate case, you may be required to pay mediation fees in order to reach a settlement. There are some costs related to publishing notice of the probate to creditors in local newspapers. If the decedent owned real property or other valuable assets, an appraisal may be needed. Finally, if disputes cannot be settled and lawsuits are filed, there may be additional expenses. It is important to ask your lawyer to explain any anticipated costs so you know what to expect.

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