What Your Loved Ones Need to Know About Your Trust

One of the benefits of a trust is that it allows the creator to keep the contents of it private. If privacy is of upmost importance to you, we can help create a trust with this mind. However, it is also important to provide your loved ones with certain pieces of basic information regarding the trust, including:

  • The individual you appointed to serve as the trustee should be provided all the relevant information regarding where your original trust document is located. If you have stored it in a safe or lockbox, you must inform him or her with the combinations, keys, or other information on how to access it.
  • The individuals appointed to serve as the trustee (or successor trustees) should be provided copies of the trust document.
  • Your trustee and beneficiaries should be given the contact information for your estate planning attorney. Your lawyer can be of great assistance to your family.
  • If you have loved ones that you trust, you should discuss your desires for how your affairs should be handled when you die. Being clear about your decisions and your reasons for making them can decrease confusion and family fighting.

We understand the need to maintain your privacy, but it is also important to make sure that your loved ones have the information necessary to carry out your wishes.

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