Your Estate Planning Attorney

When you are ready to create your estate plan, it is important to work with an attorney that you trust. Estate planning is a private matter that requires you to have confidence in your lawyer, so you should be careful in whom you choose. It can be helpful to obtain referrals from family and friends. You should also contact your local bar association to further investigate the attorney’s qualifications.

Once you have scheduled your initial consultation with your attorney, you should take steps to prepare for the appointment. This includes writing down all of your questions and organizing your records. Additionally, you should start preparing to answer the questions your attorney is likely to ask you, including:

  • What is your approximate net worth?
  • Who do you want to appoint as the personal representative or trustee of your estate?
  • What are your most significant assets (real property, businesses, investments, etc.)?
  • Who will you name as your beneficiaries?
  • Are you going to specifically disinherit anyone?
  • Who will you appoint as the guardian of your minor children?
  • Is there any information about your family or the property you own that will impact the way your estate planning should be handled (such as a special needs child)?

If you are prepared to answer the above questions, it will help your estate planning lawyer get started on creating an estate plan that will effectively meet all of your needs and goals. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with an estate planning you can trust.

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