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How to Prevent Unnecessary Delays in a Probate

When an estate must go through the probate process, everyone involved wants to get it done as quickly as possible. In order to ensure that the probate case goes smoothly and quickly as possible, contact our seasoned estate planning lawyers for assistance.

While no two cases are identical, below are a few general tips for avoiding unnecessary delays in a probate case:

  • Meet all deadlines. When important deadlines are missed, it can result in additional court appearances and filings. All of this takes time and the case cannot move forward until the matter is resolved. Further, failure to make deadlines often results in disgruntled beneficiaries.
  • Provide timely notice. Failing to give timely notification of the probate filing to all creditors and other interested parties prolongs the process. It also leaves the estate open longer and subject to further claims.
  • Inventory and accounting. The quicker you inventory the property and assets of the estate, the better. It is also essential that you provide the court with an accurate accounting of the money spent in administering the estate. Thus, it is important to maintain a correct accounting as the probate case proceeds so you are prepared to submit the final report and close the estate as soon as possible.
  • Communication with heirs. Regular communication with heirs keeps them from becoming concerned with what is being done, and avoids suspicion. Involving heirs in certain decisions also maintains good will, and avoids dissatisfaction.
  • Retain The Astill Law Firm. Working with one of our experienced estate planning lawyers helps ensure that you avoid any delays and obstacles in the probate case. We will guide you through the probate process step by step and protect you from making costly and time-consuming errors.

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