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How Con Artists Use Social Media to Scam the Elderly

Due to their dependence on others, the elderly are often the victims of financial scams. It is becoming increasingly common for seniors to have an active online life. Whether they are using the internet to monitor their stock purchases or to view pictures of their grandchildren, technology allows them a way to connect with others. Unfortunately, it also provides a way for scam artists to use information found online to perpetrate fraud against the elderly.

For example, a common scam against older adults begins with a telephone call to a grandparent. The scammer has discovered personal information on Facebook or some other social media website that the scammer uses to get the senior to trust him or her. They may say they are a friend of the elder’s grandchild (using the grandchild’s name) and claim that the grandchild is in trouble and needs financial assistance. This type of call is often made later at night when the elderly are more likely to be easily confused. In some cases, the con artist even pretends to be the grandchild requesting money, and then an alleged physician or arresting officer gets on the phone. For a trusting grandparent eager to help, this type of telephone call can quickly lead to him or her becoming the victim of financial abuse.

If you have a loved one that is an older adult who has social media websites, it is important to discuss these types of scams with him or her. It is essential that they never wire money or provide their account information without verifying the “story” first. One quick telephone call to a family member of even to their grandchild to confirm the truth of the telephone call can save your loved one a substantial amount of money and hassle.

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