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Succession Planning & Your Family Business

When you have a family business, it can be difficult to balance work and family. Keeping family issues separate from business matters can be tough. As a result, it is important to establish a strategy for transitioning the company to future generations.

It is common for the owner of a family business to want his or her children to manage and run the company once he or she is gone. Even if your children have the desire to take-over the business, it doesn’t mean they have the skill or ability to do so effectively. When you are creating a succession plan, you want to pick somebody that has a combination of skills such as management, marketing, accounting and several others.

If you have more than one child working in the family business, you should observe how he or she is able to handle the daily operations as well as the other demands of the business. This isn’t the time to be “fair” or politically correct. It is the time to choose the best leader for your company. You should also observe how the children work together. If they aren’t good partners with one another, transferring the family business to them will not be a blessing.

Most business owners want to protect all of their children involved in the family business, but also be fair to those children not in the business. One option for accomplishing this is to provide the other children with non-voting stock. This allows all of the children to own a stake in the business. You could also establish a board of directors consisting of all of your children so that they can give advice and guidance, but the decision-making authority rests with the child or other relative you appointed to run the business. There are really too many options to emphasize just one or two here. Each family and business has unique problems and concerns.

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